Vsphere ESXI (14)

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  yum remove vmware-* -y rpm -e --noscripts vmware-open-vm-tools-xorg-drv-display.x86_64 rpm -e --noscripts vmware-open-vm-tools-xorg-drv-mouse.x86_64       Unable to create symbolic link "/usr/lib/vmware-tools/bin"orUnable to create symbolic link "/usr/lib/vmware-tools/libconf"Seems the installer has a bug where it fails to remove the existing directory before creating the symlink (it prompts to overwrite, but of course overwriting a dir with a symlink is not possible - therefore I'd call this a BUG)The solution is to simply remove the existing dirs:rm -rf /usr/lib/vmware-tools/libconfrm -rf /usr/lib/vmware-tools/binand run the install again:./vmware-install.pl -d

ESXi 5.0 DELL PERC H200 RAID Health status

Use the VIB File of MegaRAID SAS 9240-4i since this also uses LSISAS2008. Download: http://www.lsi.com/downloads/Public/MegaRAID%20Common%20Files/00.03.V0.03_SMIS_VMware_Installer.zip client set sleep all VMs client set host to maintenance mode SSH connect to esxi host cd /tmp unzip zip file and up load only vib command esxcli software vib install -v /tmp/vmware-esx-provider-lsiprovider.vib -force

产品:vCenter Single Sign On -- 错误 2229

 在非英语区域设置下从 Single Sign-On 5.1 升级到 Single Sign-On 5.1 Update 1 会失败,并显示数据库表 错误 2229* 尝试在所有支持的非英语区域设置下从 Single Sign-On 5.1 升级到 Single Sign-On 5.1 Update 1 时, 升级将失败并显示类似以下内容的数据库表错误 2229: 产品:vCenter Single Sign On -- 错误 2229。数据库:. SQL 查询中无法加载表“Control”:SELECT `Control`, `Type`, `X`, `Y`, `Width`, `Height`, `Attributes`, `Property`, `Text`, `Control_Next`, `Help` FROM `Control` WHERE `Dialog_`=? (Product: vCenter Single Sign On -- Error 2229. Database: . Table 'Control' could not be loaded in SQL query: SELECT `Control`, `Type`, `X`, `Y`, `Width`, `Height`, `Attributes`, `Property`, `Text`, `Control_Next`, `Help` FROM `Control` WHERE `Dialog_`=?)。 解决办法:请按照以下步骤继续进行升级: 找到日志文件 %TEMP%vim-sso-msi.log 搜索上次安装期间作为缓存文件的 *.mst 文件。例如: c:\Windows \Installer\xxxxx.mst 找到该 *.mst 文件并将其删除。 再次运行 Single Sign-On 升级。

Single Sign-On installation for non-English upgrade of vCenter Server (2037976)

Details If you use vSphere 5.1 Single Sign-On (SSO) on a German, French, Simplified Chinese, Korean, or Japanese Windows operating system, you may experience these symptoms: Upgrading SSO to vSphere 5.1.0a or 5.1.0b with the UI fails You see the error:Error 2229 This issue may also occur when using a mounted ISO Solution The SSO installer halts on German, French, Korean, Simplified Chinese, and Japanese Windows operating systems due to an incompatibility with the Microsoft Software Installer.To work around this issue, use VMware's command-line options to silently upgrade the SSO installation from 5.1 to 5.1.0a or 5.1.0b.Note: Other components of…

在 Windows 上重置过期的 vCenter Single Sign On 管理员密码

  默认 Single Sign On 密码策略指定密码一年后过期。密码即将过期时,vSphere Web Client 不会发出警告。如果因 Single Sign On 系统的管理员密码过期而无法登录到 vSphere Web Client,拥有 Single Sign On 管理员特权的用户必须对其进行重置。 问题 vCenter Single Sign On 管理员用户的密码已过期,管理员无法登录到 vSphere Web Client 更改密码。 解决方案 ■ 在 vSphere Web Client 中更改密码。 a 以拥有 Single Sign On 管理员特权的用户身份登录到 vSphere Web Client。 b 导航到统管理 > 访问 > SSO 用户和组,然后单击用户选项卡。 c 右键单击用户,然后选择编辑用户。 d 输入新密码并予以确认。 e 单击确定。 ■ 在命令行更改密码。 a 打开终端窗口,然后导航到 C:\Program Files\VMware\Infrastructure\SSOServer\ssolscli。 b 运行下列命令。 ssopass username c 输入用户的当前密码,即使该密码已过期。 d 输入新密码,然后再次输入进行确认。 此时将重置管理员密码,用户可使用新凭据登录到 vSphere Web Client。  

esxi Displaying the ARP and Neighbor Discovery cache for VMkernel network interfaces

  To review the ARP and ND cache for the VMkernel network interfaces on an ESX or ESXi host, use the local or remote esxcli command. This command is available at the local console of the ESX/ESXi host, and usable remotely from the vSphere Command Line Interface (vCLI) or from the vSphere Management Assistant (vMA) appliance. For installation and/or usage instruction, see the relevant documentation. Open a console session to the location where the esxcli command is available. Open a console to the ESX or ESXi host. For more information, see Unable to connect to an ESX host using Secure Shell (SSH) (1003807) or Using Tech Support Mode…

ESXi S.M.A.R.T. health monitoring for hard drives

In ESXi 5.1, VMware added S.M.A.R.T. functionality to monitor hard drive health. The S.M.A.R.T. feature records various operation parameters from physical hard drives attached to a local controller. The feature is part of the firmware on the circuit board of a physical hard disk (HDD and SSD). To read the current data from a disk: Determine the device parameter to use by running the command: esxcli storage core device list   Read the data from the device: esxcli storage core device smart get -d device Where device is a value found in step 1.   The expected output is a list with all…

Installing offline bundles in ESXi 5

  ftp://ftp.hp.com/pub/softlib2/software1/pubsw-windows/p 2144920481/v67792/hp-esxi5.0uX-bundle-1.1-37.zip   So I ran into a situation where I needed to get the HP CIM providers onto ESXi 5 in order to gain more visibility into the hardware that was running my ESXi 5 install.  This is a relatively easy task but I thought I would throw the process I used up here anyways in the case that it might help others.  This should apply to other vendors who package their CIM providers as well however for this case I will use the HP Offline Bundle for ESXi as an example. First off, there are a couple of…

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